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Pulsar provides many IT services to its customers, and each of these services relies on Pulsar being knowledgeable about the products and services it sells and supports. As Pulsar grows, it takes on new customers with new requirements, often with legacy hardware and software that Pulsar is able and happy to support without being part of Pulsar’s portfolio.

So with growth, Pulsar expands its knowledge.
It’s not only by adopting the intricacies of its customers’ existing IT infrastructure that Pulsar becomes knowledgeable. We also proactively keep up to date with the latest products and services on the market. This includes sending our engineers on training courses and by maintaining close relationships with our trusted partners and suppliers because their expertise is valuable too.
Providing guidance and advice

Pulsar therefore is in a great position to provide consulting services. Customers depend on Pulsar’s  advice – whether it be to deal with a single incident, a virtualisation project or a migration away from aging or no-longer supported hardware and applications.

One of the fastest growing consultancy topics is networking. We have been asked for advice, and then to complete roll-out projects, on router/firewall replacements and secure and guest WiFi solutions. We see this continuing to grow, and realise the importance of getting this right – everything else we look after relies on the networking infrastructure working, and working well.

    • Alignment of IT and business/commercial strategies
    • Creation of short-, medium- and long-term IT roadmaps
    • Cost benefit analysis
    • Integration to increase efficiency and reduce costs
    • Better ROI on IT investments